"To deliver the ultimate outdoor experience."

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Hard at Work! - A Project in Progress...

The Right Equipment

At JVM Landscape, we use the best and correct tools for your particular project. We combine this with our many years of experience in the Landscape industry to get GREAT results!

Gets the job done!

Also here at JVM Landscape, we have the ability to think abstractly and envision what your yard can be, which can help you determine what you want your yard to look like.


There are almost limitless possibilities as to what you can do to your yard. We're here to help turn your landscaping concept into a reality, so that you have a beautiful home and yard!

At JVM Landscape, we strive for nothing but the best business practices and craftsmanship. We do the right thing for our clients by not only delivering a superior product, but by also having superior organizational skills as well. 

A Little About Us...

JVM Landscape Construction, Inc. is a Family Owned Landscape Company, servicing the greater Sacramento Area. The company officially started in 2013, but has roots that go back three generations. 

John Martinez  started working in the Landscape and Irrigation industry as a tradesman in the 1970's, repairing and managing irrigation systems under his father, in the agricultural fields of Selma, California. He later continued in the industry working in Commercial and Residential Landscape Construction. John started his first Landscape Construction Company in 1991 after 20 years as a full-time Landscape professional, and he continued success in that company for another 16 years in the Sacramento region. 

During the recession, John decided to make a move to residential fixtures, handling construction repair work in the Electrical and Landscaping trades. He continued success as an independent contractor, even as the work became much more competitive during the down years.

In 2013  as the economy started to improve, subsequently construction began to see an improvement in terms of projects and workload needs. In light of this, John returned to Landscape Construction Contracting full-time.

 John is now the Superintendent of Construction, and his wife, Martha Martinez, handles Scheduling and Customer Service. His Daughter, Lacie Martinez, is the company's Landscape Designer. His son, Jay, oversees the company overall, and is a Sacramento State Alumnus. John, his wife, and all three of his children are active in the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, bettering their communities by serving the poor, disenfranchised, and homeless of Sacramento. 

JVM Landscape stays competitive by ALWAYS doing the right thing for its customers, and pricing its projects competitively, without ever sacrificing quality. We believe that Customer Service is of the highest priority, will always treat everyone right no matter what.